How to play

Quizzcoin’s leaderboard quizzes have been played all over the world. Taking part couldn’t be easier. Just pick which of the active quizzes you want to tackle, Start your brain and press play. You will then face a series of quiz, enigma and math problems with multiple-choice answers or letters which you must guess correctly. Each challenge is time based so it is important to answer quickly to ensure you get as many points as possible. Obviously, incorrect answers score zero points. Our classic quizzes and enigma cover wide-ranging topics like history and geography as well as specific general knowledge topics. At the end of the quiz, your points are added up and you are awarded a place on the leaderboard accordingly – only your wining score counts.

When the quiz finish, the total prize pool is divided amongst the winning places. The number of winners and the percentage of the amount prize pool they win changes from quiz to quiz but is clearly marked on all games. This is a paid quiz so you will need to have tokens in your account in order to play. Unfortunately there is a limit to the number of times you can play each quiz – otherwise we would be making it too easy for everyone! Every time someone plays a quiz, the global prize pool increases adding to the pot for some biggest prizes soon!

Enjoy and good luck!